Being eco friendly means to be careful with our environment, and trying to keep our footprint as small as possible. To us this also means innovation and teaming up with like minded businesses and organization to achieve this. Impact is something we make together. Good thing there are many companies working towards the same goal.


We work with organic combed cotton, which is GOTS certified. Read about it here.


Planting trees is a very good way to compensate for CO2 omission. Trees soak up CO2 out of the air and transform it into oxygen. Trees for all is the only foundation in the Netherlands which plants trees in the Netherlands as well as abroad to compensate for CO2-omission.

Qnoop works with Trees for all to calculate the shipments from our suppliers to our warehouse and compensate accordingly. By supporting Trees for all we give back by compensating our omission and providing the local population with job opportunities.

More information about Trees for all is provided here (Dutch only)


We work with our supplier of buttons in Portugal which developed buttons that are made of biodegradable materials, such as wheat together with natural fillers. As strong as any other button, but no plastic leftovers anywhere they should not be.


Our socks are always wrapped in a firm folding box. Our socks come as a present, whether you buy them as a gift to a dear friend or a treat to yourself. And the packaging also provides protection during shipping. To keep our footprint down the boxes are made of a composition of new (70%) and recycled (30%) cardboard and they are bio-degradable. And we collect them back from our customers so we can give them a second life.