We all got a story to tell. Here’s ours.

The only pair that stays a couple

We love to innovate. It’s like a second nature to us. That’s why we took a closer look at the problem of the missing sock and came up with an invention to dissolve this once and for all. Simple and effective. By designing our socks with a button on the one, and a loop on the other. Tie them together and never lose one anymore!

Be smart, save time matching your socks and spend it doing things you love.

Do you know you lose 1.3 socks every month? 

Read about the impact! 

Organic cotton

Whatever grows from the ground should grow naturally right? Reason for us to make our socks out of the finest selection of organic cotton (GOTS certified).

And of course we take them straight to the barbershop to comb every fiber for an ultra soft feel. Before shipping them off to you we steam and press our socks to prevent shrinkage and they will last longer.

It comes naturally.

Why we use organic cotton

Read more about why we use organic cotton here.

Eco friendly

Our socks are made of organically grown combed cotton. Our buttons are made of biodegradable natural materials, such as  wheat together with natural fillers. We use a composition of recycled and new cardboard which is biodegradable for our labels and packaging. To compensate for our C02 emission from our supplier to our warehouse we plant trees. And of course by wearing Qnoop you don’t have to throw away single socks.

Pretty smart and sustainable!

Partnering up!

Read about how we work with partners as Trees for all to increase our impact.

Bold and Pure

Making beautiful products is what drives us.
Bringing together design, quality and sustainability is our mission.

We believe being bold and pure go hand in hand.


Our design philosophy makes the difference.